RES Suite 2014

Behold the Power of ITaaS

Empower your IT team to connect the right users to the right IT services more nimbly, efficiently and accurately.

With RES Suite 2014, IT can now provide easy, secure access to approved applications and services by leveraging profile management and IT automation to identify the user and their context and allow them to request and consume IT services on-demand.

The end result is IT's ability to maximize the business value of IT as a Service while minimizing operational friction within the enterprise. This means IT is more effective, users are more productive, and the enterprise is more efficient.

For IT

IT is seen as a trusted provider of IT services that allow IT to shift its focus from fighting fires to strategic projects that support the business.

  • Improved business alignment
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Expectations are met and exceeded
  • A competitive edge is gained
  • Existing technology investments are better utilized
For Business Users

Finally business users get the great IT experience they want and expect from an agile IT department that is aligned with their needs.

  • Users proactively get access to the right services
  • Automatic self-service empowers the users
  • IT experience is great and consistent
  • Technology is safer to use
  • Services are easier to consume

Great User Experience

Give your users and the business
what they want and expect


Automatically deliver services
as soon as they are needed

Secure and Compliant

Control access to services
where they are consumed