White Papers

White papers provide valuable information and can help you make important business decisions. The latest white papers from RES Software are therefore downloadable free of charge by clicking on the links below.

  • Empower your users with state-of-the-art user personalization management! Gartner cites RES Software as a "representative vendor" for User Personalization Management. Find out what leading analyst firm Gartner discloses about leading user personalization management tools and how they compare.Download the Gartner guide.

  • IT complexity continues to grow as new technologies are added to today’s increasingly diverse corporate computing environment. At the same time, employees want the simplicity of accessing their business and personal information across a myriad of devices – demanding the availability of their corporate email and workplace applications away from the office. Download the white paper.

  • Many IT departments were sold on the notion of VDI three years ago as a way to standardize users on a single golden image with easier centralized management. But what most ended up with was infrastructure bloat and persistent images for each user. The lesson learned for enterprises is that VDI is not the be all and end all for every user. It is a piece of an overall solution that includes a mix of physical end points with physical OS, virtual OS and physical, virtual, hosted apps of all versions. Download the white paper.

  • IT departments are continuously changing the desktop infrastructure as a result of requests for new functionality, cost reduction, and overall quality improvements such as user productivity, security and performance. These changes often impact the way an end user works today with traditional desktops. Download the white paper.

  • RES Automation Manager is designed with one goal in mind: to enable IT departments to be more efficient by delegating repeatable, easy-to-execute tasks among more staff – even those without deep IT knowledge. Delegating tasks that can be automated through RES Automation Manager frees time and resources and encourages IT productivity above and beyond routine requests, allowing IT to focus on projects that add value to the business. Download the report.

  • This report contains the most significant results of a benchmark survey surrounding the productivity of today’s IT departments in. The study was conducted across many different organizations, including those involved in healthcare, education, local and provincial government, IT, retail, commercial services and industry. Download the report.

  • Enterprises' IT goals in 2013 fall into four main categories: cutting the cost of IT, aligning IT with business requirements, improving service levels, and using IT to make the organization more cost effective. A recent IDC CIO survey clearly showed that cost remains king, with 31% of enterprises surveyed "using IT to make the organization more cost effective" and a further 17% aiming to reduce the costs of IT. Cost, one way or another, still represents pretty much half of organizations' strategic IT priority. The other half is split between improving IT service levels to the business (31%) and improving the alignment of IT with the business (21%). Download the white paper.

  • The National Health Service’s agenda for transforming to paperless operations throws up a huge challenge for healthcare organisations — and many are looking to IT professionals to solve compliance and access problems in their highly mobile, distributed, time-critical environments. Workspace virtualisation offers a way forward, by delivering a technology solution that ultimately improves patient welfare and the IT department’s reputation. Download the white paper.

  • IT departments today are finding themselves squarely at the epicenter of healthcare compliance scrutiny. One of the many regulations to which they must adhere is “meaningful use,” which ties financial incentives to usage of electronic health records as part of the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. Now, with meaningful use deadlines fast approaching and concerns about compliance reaching the highest levels of healthcare organizations, IT professionals are finally being invited to step out of the basement and into the boardroom. Download the white paper for your Five Steps to Meaningful Use with Workspace Virtualization.

  • This Intel-issued whitepaper highlights the value add of RES Virtual Desktop Extender when dealing with the challenges of deploying server-based VDI. Although there is a time and place for VDI in the enterprise, a wholesale move to this kind of environment doesn't make sense for all environments because it ignores increasingly capable rich endpoints. Intel’s support of the "Intelligent Client" supports a hybrid approach to desktop virtualization that RES Software recognizes as an emerging trend in today's desktop environments. RES solutions aim to help enterprises as they manage hybrid desktops.